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Murrieta Christmas Events

by Beth Pleasnick   ·   2016-12-02   ·   2 minute reading time
Murrieta Christmas Events

Most families drive around at Christmas-time looking at all the lights. But if you drive around Murrieta for very long, you’ll notice that there are big white stars painted on certain neighborhood streets. Those stars mark the place where Murrieta sends a sleigh each year. And most every year as a family, we completely forget about it.

And then, while eating dinner or enjoying a fire, we hear the siren blare on the street, signaling that the sleigh has arrived. Hurriedly, we proceed to scarf down food, throw on jackets and do what it takes to hustle the kids down the street towards the sleigh.

If you haven’t ever gone, you need to do it this year.

Santa Star on Murrieta street
The Santa sleigh is a fun, festive place where you’ll meet neighbors, hear a high school choir singing Christmas carols, and be able to take pictures of your kids with Santa without having to visit a mall! Even better is that the sleigh collects canned food for the hungry each year and everyone who volunteers at it is very sweet.

We had a PDF emailed to us, but the City of Murrieta put together a cool interactive map with the schedule for Santa stops visible, and if you scroll down you’ll see information about the annual Festival of Trees and the Holiday parade, both happening on December 3. Check the December events to get the details.

Murrieta Santa stops