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Talking to Publishers

by John Pleasnick   ·   2017-03-09   ·   1 minute reading time
Talking to Publishers

Last week I was at the Shepherds Conference in Los Angeles and had the opportunity to speak to a number of publishers about our book and show off a short sample.

In preparation for the visit, we worked hard to finalize and polish two chapters: Tell the Truth and Wait Patiently. We found an online vendor print the booklets and waited excitedly for the first printed samples to arrive. They came the week before the conference and were a disaster! Poor trimming, pages in the wrong order and some pages were even rotated sideways!!

Realizing it was unsalvageable, we contacted a local printer that our church uses. They graciously rushed a job through for us, and though it cost more, the final product was PERFECT!

Samples in hand, I set off for the conference.

Over the course of the four-day conference, I had the opportunity to speak with about 10 publishers. About half were not interested in publishing a full-color children’s book. The rest were positive towards the book as they looked through it, with three taking copies with them!

Who knows whether these initial efforts will lead anywhere, but it is exciting to be on the pathway towards publishing our book!